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Turn-by-turn description

The start is a mass start with a 10-lane grid.

-Start eastbound toward the biathlon range and ski between the range and the biathlon technical building.
-Stay right up the hill and take the first turn onto Bullseye, skiing up and behind the biathlon technical building toward the Caretaker’s hill, staying left and up to Snoopy’s corner. This is a short hill, not the full climb!
-Cross the uphill trail, cross the downhill (Night Rider), and head onto the new paranordic sit-ski trail. Do not go down hill at this point!
-Follow the Paranordic sit-ski trail until it meets night rider at the top of the steep hill and carry on past the top of Homecoming down to the start of Canada Cup Hill. Follow the signs and be careful not to go up the downhill route.
-After climbing the Canada Cup stay right onto the Iceman trail.
-Follow Iceman until it crosses the Greenway Connector and turn left toward Santa’s Cabin.
-Follow the Greenway Connector to Santa’s Cabin and stay right onto Pine Flats, continuing to the Thumbs Up junction.
-Turn Right at Thumbs Up onto the Iceman trail to Yeti junction.
-Turn left.
-A short trip from Yeti is the PFC South junction and the turnoff to Larch Loop. Stay left onto Larch Loop and carry on until the signs direct you to the right and then left. This takes you around the north side of the gravel pit.
-Signs will direct you to a short cut from the Larch Loop down to Canada Cup Junction, then hard left into the long run to the stadium either to start a second lap or to the finish.